Elsie trained as a doctor at the Edinburgh School of Medicine for Women where she qualified in 1894. She worked hard with one of her fellow students, Jessie MacLaren MacGregor, to set up a maternity hospital in Edinburgh for poor women and children. 

  • Learn about similarities and differences between doctors, nurses, and hospitals in Elsie's time and today. Present findings in a poster, leaflet, or any way you like.
  • Learn basic first aid through a badge, attending a course, or accessing information online. If you're already experienced in first aid, share your skills with someone else.
  • To raise money for the Scottish Women's Hospitals, Elsie and her teams made small items to sell. Design a rosette, pin badge, or hat badge as a reminder of Elsie's fundraising.
  • Make a banner, plaque, or T-shirt to promote a cause important to Elsie using green, purple,and white—the colours of the suffragists.