When the First World War broke out, Elsie was determined that female doctors should be allowed to contribute to the war effort. Her ideas were met with disdain and resistance. Undeterred, she formed an independent hospital unit staffed by women. Funded by the Scottish Federation of Women's Suffrage Societies and public subscription, the Scottish Women's Hospitals for Foreign Service (SWH) was born.

  • Consider a challenge you have faced and talk to someone about how you dealt with it. Or think of a challenging situation and act out how you would handle it.
  • Create a mindfulness jar and fill it with celebrations of your strengths and achievements. Take out one piece of paper every day to remind yourself how brilliant you are.
  • Make bunting and put the name of each person in your unit, six, patrol, or group on their own flag. Ask everyone to write on the bunting what makes that person resilient. Pin it up in your meeting place for everyone to admire.
  • Support someone new to your area. It could be a neighbour, classmate, or coworker. Create a self-care kit with 10 items that make you happy. 
  • Elsie had the support of a lot of people in her hospitals and as a suffragist. List five people who support you and think about how you can be a support to someone else.