At the outbreak of the Great War in 1914, Elsie approached the British War Office with the offer of a 100-bed hospital unit, staffed entirely by women, which could be deployed anywhere on the Eastern or Western fronts. Their response is now famous: 'My good lady, go home and sit still.'

But Elsie wasn't put off; she was used to receiving responses like this. To celebrate and recognise this response and give Elsie the memorial she deserves, there are fundraising events planned from March 2022 onwards.

The first 'sit still' took place on Saturday, 5th March 2022, in the Meadows in Edinburgh, with a range of activities.

CHALLENGE: Can you think of an unusual place to hold you own sit still? It could be during afternoon tea, a sporting event, or a sponsored activity. Invite friends and family to join. Every one helps us raise a little toward a tribute to Elsie Inglis.