Colinton Guides Take on a Year in a Weekend

Saturday 28th November 2015

On Friday 20 November Colinton Guides (193B and 193 Edinburgh Guides) went to Craigs Scout Centre at Torphichen for a indoor weekend. The theme of our adventure was 'A Year in a Weekend' - we started the weekend on Friday night with a Hogmany wide game  and then we celebrated Burns day by making pom pom haggis. 

On Saturday we woke up and it was ShroveTuesday! We enjoyed pancake for breakfast and then it was time for crafts and crate climbing! Lunch was an Easter Feast and Dinner was a Summer BBQ! After dinner it was Bonfire Night and we went outside for sparklers and marshmallows. We sang songs around a camp fire and 4 new Guides made their promise. 

On Sunday morning it was Christmas day! After we opened our stockings it was time to go on an orienteering hunt for presents and made Christmas cakes! There was a traditional boxing day lunch of left over turkey sandwiches and then it was time to go home.

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