Brownie Leader goes the extra 26.2 miles!

Tuesday 7th February 2017

I love running. And I love guiding. After my 3rd unsuccessful attempt to secure a ballot place in the London Marathon I thought about going for a charity place. Naturally, Girlguiding came to mind instantly. I turned to Google and discovered that applications for a guiding charity place were due in that day! I frantically typed up my application on the bus journey home, pressed submit, and then forgot about it…

I received an e-mail confirming my spot about 3 weeks later. I was absolutely delighted, if slightly daunted by the challenging fundraising target of £1,800. Fast-forward 3 months and I am now 5 weeks into my 16 week training plan. It’s all going really well so far. Knowing I’m raising money for an amazing cause is giving me the motivation to get out there and clock up the miles, even on the cold, dark, wet nights.

Fundraising is coming along nicely too, with a ‘Gunge the Boss’ event planned at my work. My Brownie unit are also getting involved by seeking sponsorship to run their own mini marathon (1 mile lap each).

I’ve done two marathons already so to make this one extra challenging, I’ll be running in Brownie uniform and attempting to set a Guinness World Record (GWR) in the process. GWR have stipulated that the uniform must be the 1980s brown dress as the modern day uniform doesn’t present enough of a challenge to the runner! So in true Brownie Leader fashion, I’ve made myself a replica of my own uniform (complete with all my old badges) and GWR have approved it.

Find out more by visiting my fundraising page!

By Karen Illsley, 9th Edinburgh Brownies

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