Baden-Powell Challenge Adventures


What is the Baden-Powell Adventure?

The Baden-Powell Challenge Adventure is for older Guides who have completed most of the clauses of their Baden-Powell Challenge award.

For a Guide, the purpose of the Adventure is to:

  • try something new
  • meet other Guides from outside the unit
  • celebrate completing the clauses of the Baden-Powell Challenge award
  • celebrate her time in guiding to date
  • discover what further opportunities are available in guiding
  • gain a sense of achievement
  • build confidence
  • and have fun!

Girls can apply for the adventure when they have almost completed their Baden-Powell Challenge.  Guidance for Leaders can be found here.

Note - (1) To attend an Adventure a Guide must have completed at least 8 clauses of the BP Challenge Award.  (2) BP Adventures should be limited to a maximum of 3 or 4 Guides per Unit.

There are various BP adventures opportunities to accommodate different expectations and budgets.

Adventures will be advertised on the Next Adventure page.