Business Management & Finance


This committee is responsible for ensuring the finances are used appropriately and responsibly in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator and to the benefit of our members.

Property owned by Girlguiding Edinburgh—Stanemuir—comes under the remit of this committee. Each year, advisers are asked to submit a budget to the Treasurer, which is then discussed by the Committee before being presented to the Executive Committee for approval.

The organising of the insurance for our property, including public liability, is also our responsibility. The tenants and their leases are dealt with by our legal adviser.

As with the other committees, we make recommendations to the Executive.

Chairperson: Jessie Craig

Members of Committee:

  • Chairperson, who reports to the Executive Committee
  • Chair of Council
  • Chair of Guiding Development
  • Chair of Marketing and Communications
  • Chair of Stanemuir Working Group
  • County Treasurer
  • Legal Adviser
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