Accounts 2021

The Girlguiding Edinburgh financial year runs from 1st July 2020 – 30th June 2021.

Below are the relevant forms and guidance information that you will need to complete and submit your 2021 accounts.

Your local Commissioner will advise you of your deadline to submit your 2021 Accounts. Please note this deadline is not negotiable. Your local Commissioner will then meet with the County Commissioners and County Treasurer to review and complete the submission of accounts for their area(s).

If you have any questions or require assistance with your accounts please contact your local Commissioner in the first instance.

What should be handed in to your Commissioner?

The following 7 key documents MUST be handed in to your District/Division Commissioner:

  1. Accounts Checklist – Completed by Unit Leader & verified by District/Division Commissioner
  2. Receipts & Payments Account (within Unit Accounts file)
  3. Statement of Balances (within Unit Accounts file) – MUST be signed & dated by a Trustee
  4. Trustee Annual Report (within Unit Accounts file) – MUST be signed & dated by a Trustee
  5. Independent Examiners Report (within Unit Accounts file) – MUST be signed, addressed & dated by the Independent Examiner
  6. Copy of Year End bank statement – NOT original
  7. Key Information Template – Provide as much information as possible including details of ALL Unit bank accounts
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