Brownies Scrub Up For Science

Date: 8th Dec 2015 Author: Scout Websites

40th Bruntsfield Brownies scrubbed up to earn their Science Investigator badge with the help of Nurse Jenny Gammon. Jenny is a scrub nurse/operating theatre nurse in paediatrics and visited the unit to show the girls the hand-scrub up methods, and even let the girls model some scrubs, masks and gloves. Martha (pictured) volunteered to model the uniform. The girls tried all got a shot to try the scrubs on then had a go at making their own cleanser.

Unit helper, Ana Moraes, said that it was a great opportunity for the girls to learn about how bacteria spreads and how to make sure they are washing their hands properly!

Girls take what they do in guiding with them as they grow up. Everything from working in a team, to taking the lead, to speaking out on issues they care about. It helps them develop the skills and confidence to become the young women they want to be. ’