Leader Awards Reception 2017

Date: 23rd May 2017 Author: Scout Websites

On Thursday 18th May Girlguiding Edinburgh held our annual Leaders Awards Reception at Girlguiding Edinburgh Headquarters on Melville Street. This is a very special evening for us as we celebrate and thank leaders who are marking 5 years of service to Girlguiding as well as those leaders who have achieved a Guiding qualification, including our Adult Leader Qualification (ALQ), within the previous 12 months.

It gives us real pleasure to be able to shine a light on our leaders’ achievements and commitment like this – as without them we wouldn’t be able to run all 280 of our Rainbow, Guide, Brownie and Senior Section units that empower, encourage and support over 5000 girls across Edinburgh to have fun and adventures. #BeingOurBest

Congratulations to all those below who received awards this year – well done and thank you on behalf of Girlguiding Edinburgh!

Five Year Long Service Awards

Name Unit
Gillian Beveridge 195th A Edinburgh Brownies
Ailie Childs 125th Edinburgh Guides
Kate Donkin 202nd A Edinburgh Brownies
Kirsten Donnelly 170th Edinburgh Brownies
Shona Gow 116th Edinburgh Brownies
Nicola Humble 170th Edinburgh Brownies
Karen Illsley 9th Edinburgh Brownies
Hannah Johnston 188th Edinburgh Brownies
Amy Laing 170th Edinburgh Guides
Katie MacCorquodale 224th Edinburgh Rainbows
Fiona Murray 202nd A Edinburgh Brownies
Francesca O’Neill 117th Edinburgh Guides
Alana Quinn 64th Edinburgh Brownies
Samantha Reilly 224th Edinburgh Rainbows
Hannah Steeds 186th Edinburgh Guides
Caitlin Stronach 117th Edinburgh Rainbows
Anna Thomas 4th Edinburgh Brownies
Caitlin Wilson 215th Edinburgh Guides
Charlotte Wood 2nd Currie Rainbows

N.B. Long service awards of 10 years and upwards are presented at the Girlguiding Edinburgh Annual Review in November.

Leadership Qualifications

Name Unit
Rachel Bissett 114th Edinburgh Rainbows
Rachael Bowes 89th Edinburgh Brownies
Ruth Butler 171st Edinburgh Brownies
Gillian Crossley 35th A Edinburgh Brownies
Hannah Johnston 188th Edinburgh Brownies
Kirsty Law 174th A Edinburgh Rainbows
Hannah Steeds 186th Edinburgh Guides

Going Away with Awards

Name Unit
Nicole Harland 202nd Edinburgh Brownies
Michelle Harrison 93rd B Edinburgh Brownies
Nina Huggin 160th Edinburgh Brownies
Stacey O’Flaherty 1st Ratho Rainbows
Karen Taylor 148th Edinburgh Guides
Kirsty Law 174th A Edinburgh Rainbows
Sarah Watt 1239th Edinburgh Brownies

Senior Section Permit

Name Unit
Fiona Bruce 36th Edinburgh Rainbows
Girls take what they do in guiding with them as they grow up. Everything from working in a team, to taking the lead, to speaking out on issues they care about. It helps them develop the skills and confidence to become the young women they want to be. ’