Sleeping with the Fish!

Date: 11th Jan 2016 Author: Scout Websites

As told by Jennifer Hunter and Rachel Hagart from 198B Edinburgh Guides

“We went to Deep Sea World for a sleepover with our district. The event was for fun and an experience we would never normally get the chance to take part in. While being there, we think the most memorable and fantastic section was sleeping in the venue’s underwater tunnel. There were fish, giant sharks and many other fascinating creatures swimming overhead as we slept – it truly was the ultimate sleepover.

While at the event we learned about all of the sea life, that makes Deep Sea World what it is, by going on a guided tour from one of the staff. Big shout out to all the Deep Sea World staff who made the event possible! We also got to hold and feed many of the animals such as snakes, piranhas, crabs and starfish (which clearly you don’t get in your back garden!).

As this was a very enjoyable and relaxed experience it was not very challenging in most aspects however as we approach the Christmas holidays it was exactly the easy and controlled trip we needed!

Overall we found the experience extremely enjoyable and would go back in an instant. It was very educational in a variety of fun and amusing ways and we would recommend it to guides of all ages!!

Sleeping with the Fish!

To find out more about these once in a lifetime opportunities, sleepovers and day trips, take a look at the Deep Sea World website. We’re sure you’ll find something to do that will be your cup of tea!”

‘Girls take what they do in guiding with them as they grow up. Everything from working in a team, to taking the lead, to speaking out on issues they care about. It helps them develop the skills and confidence to become the young women they want to be. ’