Why we love Girlguiding’s new programme…

Date: 23rd Sep 2018 Author: Scout Websites

In July 2018 Girlguiding launched a brand new programme – the biggest programme overhaul in it’s 109-year history!

Siobhan Liddle, Leader with 174th Edinburgh Rainbows and 170th Edinburgh Brownies, tells us why the girls as well as the leaders/volunteers in her units are loving the new programme!

“Our Rainbows and Brownies have been back since mid-August and we were so excited about the new programme that we launched straight in. Well … we launched straight in after some e-learning and planning for the unit volunteers! We are really loving the new programme and here are our top 5 reasons why:

It’s fun!
So far in our Brownie unit we have made zip lines, explored emojis, created sock puppets, learned some skills for battling nerves during public speaking, built towers of vegetables, practiced voice projection and that’s all just from one Theme. Our Rainbows have already started working on Interest badges without prompting, one having brought along evidence for her “Fruit and Veg” badge and another having placed sticky notes in her badge book to mark the badges she wants to try first!

It’s consistent
For the first time, the same programme applies across all ages & sections from Rainbows right through to Rangers, with different ages doing different skills and activities around the same six themes, which are:

  1. Be Well
  2. Express Myself
  3. Have Adventures
  4. Know Myself
  5. Skills for My Future
  6. Take Action

This means whether you’re a Brownie in Muirhouse, Morningside or Manchester that you will be doing the same activities as each other (most likely in different orders though). The members of the unit are given the chance to choose what to work on, and the level they are working towards, so there is a lot of flexibility for different interests and ability levels within a unit.

We are learning relevant skills
From counting money, public speaking, vlogging and first aid, it’s a comprehensive programme which should have something for #EveryGirl. The skills and activity cards are well designed, meaning that even a new volunteer, parent helper or Young Leader can pick up a card and help a small group work through it.

The badges look great
..and there are plenty of them to collect! There are twelve Skills Builders badges (two for each of the six main themes) which our members will work on in their units, then there are a wide range of interest badges that can be completed at home. Completing a Skill Builder and an interest badge, plus some extra theme hours in the unit leads to a Section Theme Award. Our Brownies are working on their Communicate and Innovate skills this term, and some will hopefully work towards their “ Express Myself” Theme award.

There is a challenge for everyone
From the Brownie who just wants to come along and work on their skills builders to the Guide who is keen to achieve a Gold Award (for earning all six Theme Awards during her time at Guides, plus an extra challenge at the end!), the new programme is going to keep even the most ambitious of girls occupied during their time in Guiding.”

Girls take what they do in guiding with them as they grow up. Everything from working in a team, to taking the lead, to speaking out on issues they care about. It helps them develop the skills and confidence to become the young women they want to be. ’